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BLVCKBOX STUDIOS is not only a tangible artistic space in which to create, but a cultivated team of artists with one goal in mind; create a one-stop artist’s playground.

As artists ourselves, having to schedule multiple teams or design houses to work together and complete the vision of a singular artist can be daunting and more often than not, conflicts arise. Schedules get pushed. Deadlines get missed. The inception BLVCKBOX was the direct result in combatting this lapse in communication, scheduling, travel complications, and to provide the best end result to our clientele as efficiently as possible. Keeping as many aspects of the creative process as we do under one single roof achieves this.

Our roster is filled with world-class musicians, videographers, graphic designers, photographers and design consultants from all corners of the entertainment industry. Collectively our partners hold over 8 decades worth of industry experience on the world stage and remain hungry to collaborate with artists, product manufacturers and creatives from across all mediums. Combined with the best equipment the industry has to offer and our beautiful facilities in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV; we’re confident we offer the finest products and services the mixed-media art industry has to offer.

Who We Are


Our Services

At BLVCKBOX, we cater our services directly to each of our clients needs. Our clients can choose as few or as many services as we offer in their quest for ultimate artistic expression. Having so many mixed-media formats in-house, we’re able to keep the cost to our clients down. We’re able to save them shopping multiple creative houses. We’re able to save them from having to travel to multiple cities and align multiple creative schedules to hone in a final product. We’re able to save clients their most valuable resource, TIME. 

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- Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering
- Music Production and Co-Writing
- Music Videography
- Video Capture
- Treatment & Edits
- Craft Services
- Live Stream Event Hosting
- Graphic Design
- Merchandise Design
- Motion Picture Production

- Podcast Filming

- Promotional Photography
- Product Reviews
- Podcast Filming/Editing
- On-Site Videography
- Set Design
- Logistics Coordination


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